How you can get a photo booth for free at your school or non profit event

Over the years Red Photo Booths has had the opportunity to work with many Schools, PTAs and non-profit organizations across the Dallas Metroplex. We know that these organizations sometimes have budget limitations, so we offer them discounts. Our management team got together and brainstormed an idea, we tested it and it worked every time so allow us to share that with you.

Everyone loves photo booths. They like capturing that special moments with their friends, family and co-workers. What cell phone cameras can’t do that photo booths can provide instant print outs of their pictures….”the photo strips”

At Red Photo Booths we custom design the print templates for each and every event. We have the best graphics designers in the industry. Here’s some samples of our work – Custom Photo Strips.  As you can see our designers are able to incorporate logos, text and other graphics into their design.

Who would be a good candidate for a photo booth sponsor for your event?

Answer to that would be any small business owner, Realtors, really any local business in your area that wants to promote and market to a targeted area. In our market test cases Realtors and small business owners are at the top of the chart.

How does this work & why do sponsors like this idea?
Because Red Photo Booths can custom design the templates we are able to take their logo, contact information, etc. and have it printed on every photo strip along with the guests pictures.  They are used to passing out 100’s of business cards and they know most if not all of those cards will end up in a trash can. Ask yourself (and ask them) when was the last time you threw away anything with your photo on it? It doesn’t happen…even if we don’t like the photo we rarely throw it away.

As part of our packages we offer unlimited prints. That mean if there are 10 people in the photo we print them 10 copies. By the end of the event we would have printed 100’s of photo strips with sponsor information. These photo strips will end up on an office or cube wall, in a book as a book mark, on a refrigerator or on a locker. Remind sponsor their contact information will be accessible for a long time unlike a discarded business card.  Last but not least; it’s targeted marketing.  For example most people that attend a school function are students and families that live in a specific market area.

Photo booth sponsorship is a low cost marketing that could yield good returns on their marketing dollars. It may also have tax benefits for them depending if their donations is to a non for profit organization. Most importantly it builds their brand and supporting their community is always a good cause. It’s a win for you and a win for your sponsor!

Please make sure to check your organization and/or schools policy about soliciting sponsors.

We want you to be able to have our photo booth at your next event. We hope this will help you find a sponsor so you can enjoy the photo booth experience for free!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can provide you more information and any questions. We look forward to speaking with you.

RPB Team

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