You've played Memory with cards! Now play memory on a large touch screen display and set the score to beat! Completely customizable for branding, or personalization with photos you can supply, or order a stock game made with a variety of themes (casino, sports, cinema, geography). Images randomly reset after every game, so it sets up differently for every player. Contact us to see how you can make this game the talk of the party!

Cost: $500 per day (up to 24 hours)
Includes event design
Delivery up to 30 miles included in the price
Setup and teardown included

Setup comes with a large touch screen display that is completely customized for your special event. System is self contained and will only need access to an outlet for power. Wifi or internet connection is not required. Our staff will deliver, set up and take it down post event. Each booking is for 24 hours.

Corporate events:
Setup the game with your branding. There are 30 (15 pairs) of customizable windows on each game. There can be up to 15 different branded images (logs, theme, photos, sponsor logos, etc.) that can be used to design the game. This interactive game will keep your guests entertained for hours as they try to get / beat the high score. You can even entice them with prices or gift cards.

Wedding * Bar & Bat mitzvah * Birthday Parties *

This game can be personalized with your photos. Let’s see how much your guests know you! We can personalize each “box” with photos you provide or we can add from stock images. We can customize the screen with your event colors, theme, etc.

Non profit and Fundraiser events:

Do you want an opportunity to raise funds for your organization or cause? Why not have sponsors purchase the 30 (15 pairs) spots within the game? Remember the goal is for guests to recognize and memorize the spots….Excellent opportunity for your sponsors to have guests recognize the brand! Our non profit clients love this opportunity to raise additional funds for their special cause.

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