We have a large selection (60+) of backdrops in stock. Click on the link below to access and choose the backdrop you wish to have for your event. We can also custom design 8×8 backdrops that will be yours to keep at the end of the event. We also have special holiday backdrops for holiday events.

Open-Air Setup:

This has become a very popular option. Open-air setups are very engaging and fun, since everyone can see each other which gets guests more involved. Open-air setups can be with or without backdrops; we can use “step and repeat” backdrops, or you can choose from a large number of backdrop options we have in stock (Please click on our backdrops button below to see our backdrops in stock). Our Open air setup really showcase the quality of our booths. We provide a 5×8 red carpet that will go in front of the back drop to give the “red carpet” feel.


(1) Standard enclosure – Standard enclosure is a pipe and drape system with your choice of backdrops. 3 sides of the booth will be black and the back side will have the backdrop of your choice. We can adjust the size of our standard enclosure to fit your space. It can be as small as 4×4 and as big as 7×8 – size is adjusted when we arrive on site if space is a constraint.
(2) LED Cube enclosure – This a very unique enclosure that will definitely have the “wow” factor. This enclosure is an inflatable room that is 8x8x8 (known as an LED CUBE). It has built-in LED lights within the walls so the whole cube will glow in different colors. We can set the colors to change, or keep it on one color. LED cubes cannot be sized to fit the space. If you are interested in this enclosure. please discuss with us to ensure the space won’t be a problem.

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