What’s this new “selfie station” ?

“selfie station” is a very small unit (Only requires about ~2×2 space to setup) but packed with lots of options. 

“photo strips” a.k.a “single photo” – This option allows guests to take photos very similar to “photo booth” and sets those photos into a “photo strip” similar to photo booth prints.
“GIF” – This options allows guests to take a series of 3, 4 or 5 photos and then creates a GIF (animation) using those photos.
“Boomerang” – This option takes a series of  10 to 15 photos , shot like a short video, and then plays those photos like a video – in a loop / backwards and forwards.
“green screen” – Very similar to an actual green screen activation, it takes photos of guests in front of a green screen and then replaces it with different background images. Please note with this option you will need more space because of the 8×8 green screen backdrop and extra lighting required.
Digital Props – Any of the above mentioned options can have digital props. Digital props are selected by guests and they are automatically placed on their face / head / etc.  No need for actual props.

Once the pictures are taken guests will have the option to email or text their photos / videos / GIFs immediately. Custom designed micro site links are email /texted to them. They can also post these photos to any social mdia sites.

Can  you print from these selfie stations?

Yes. Even though these units are designed as “digital stations” we can print from them if you like to add that option. Please note if you add printing that will require additional space to setup and it will slow down the process.

What is the best use of a selfie station?

Good question. Selfie stations are a LOT of fun. It’s a great option for your cocktail hour / happy our when guests are waiting to enter the reception area. It’s small footprint allows it to be setup anywhere, all we need is a wall outlet. It can also be moved to inside the reception area once guests leave the cocktail area.  Lot of our guests add a selfie station to photo booth packages.

What is the main difference between a selfie station and a photo booth?

Selfie station is setup (in most cases) without a backdrop unlike a photo booth. Selfie stations does not have a DSLR camera or external flash like a photo booth and finally these units are designed as “digital sharing stations” unlike a photo booth which always comes with instant printing.

Hope this information is helpful but we are always available to 469-751-7331 to answer all your questions.
Thank you.
RPB Team.